Associate Professor Simon Avenell

Associate Professor Simon Avenell


Associate Dean (Higher Degrees by Research), College of Asia and the Pacific

Associate Professor, School of Culture, History, and Language

The Australian National University,  H.C. Coombs Building, #9 Fellows Road,  ACTON, ACT, Australia 2601

Tel: +61 2 6125 0404


Trained in History and Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, Simon Avenell is Associate Dean (Higher Degrees by Research), ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, and Associate Professor in the School of Culture, History, and Language. From 2014 to 2016 he served as director of the ANU Japan Institute. Before joining the ANU in 2013 he was an Associate Professor and Deputy Head in the Department of Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore (2003-2012). He specializes in modern Japanese history, civic activism, civil society, environmental history, and transnational history. His work has been published in major Japan and area studies journals such as The Journal of Japanese Studies, positions: east asia cultures critique, Social Science Japan JournalEnvironmental History and Modern Asian Studies.  In 2010 the University of California Press published his monograph, Making Japanese Citizens: Civil Society and the Mythology of the Shimin in Postwar Japan, a history of civic thought, social activism, and civil society in postwar Japan.  His latest book, Transnational Japan in the Global Environmental Movement (University of Hawaii Press, 2017), explores the contributions of Japanese environmental activists in environmental movements worldwide from the 1960s onwards.

Research Areas:

  • Modern Japanese history
  • Civic activism, civil society, and state-society relations in contemporary Japan
  • Political thought in contemporary Japan
  • Environmental history and environmentalism in contemporary Japan
  • Transnational aspects of contemporary Japanese history
  • Japan in East Asia


• Simon Avenell CV (pdf)


  • Ph.D. in History, University of California at Berkeley, Spring 2003
    (1) Modern Japanese history 1868-present
    (2) Early modern Japanese history
    (2) Comparative Social Movements: Russia-USA-Japan
    (4) Political Science/Law: Japan
  • MA in Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley, Spring 1998
  • BA in Japan Studies, International Christian University, Japan, Spring 1996 (Yokoyama Fellowship 1992-1996)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Business Law), University of Queensland, Australia,




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             Image result for Routledge Handbook of Civil Society in Asia Image result for Social Movements and Political Activism in Contemporary Japan: Re-emerging from Invisibility (The Mobilization Series on Social Movements, Protest, and Culture)

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Also available in condensed form at The Asia-Pacific Journal

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Book chapter: “Legal Experts and Environmental Activism in Japan: Fighting for Environmental Rights”

Book chapter: “Japanese Environmental Activism and the Asia-Pacific: Environment as Method”

Book chapter: “Grassroots Regionalization and Globalization in Postwar Japanese Civil Society”

Book project: Japanese activists and civic movements in postwar Asia


Rethinking Japanese Civic Activism through the Lens of East Asia
Conference: Civil Society in Asia: The 2nd International Conference in Melbourne, University of Melbourne, December 6-7, 2018 [co-organizer]

Japan’s Environmental Injustice Paradigm and Transnational Activism
Conference: New Frontiers in Japanese Studies, University of Melbourne, September 17-19, 2018

Symposium: 日本における環境史と環境政策史, 長崎大学, January 05-07, 2018

Civil Society in Japan
Conference: Civil Society in Asia, University of Melbourne, February 02-03, 2017

Rethinking Japanese Studies Regionally and Globally,
Symposium: Half a Century of Japanese Studies in Indonesia: Reflecting the Past, Envisioning the Future, Universitas Indonesia, 27-28 October 2016

Japan’s Human-centered Environmentalism and the Global Environmental Movement,
Symposium: Culturally Mediated Environmental Issues: Ecological Connectedness in East Asia, Nagoya University, July 30-31, 2016

Symposium: 戦後日本の市民社会と東アジア‐ベトナム反戦運動から東アジアとの「連帯」へ‐」, Hokkaido University, 29 July, 2016

Rethinking Civil Society in Postwar Japan through the Lens of Asia, Symposium: Critical Japanese Studies in Asia Network – Political Cultures and the Politics of “Japanese Studies” in Japan and the Asia Pacific, Sophia University, 4-5 July, 2016

 A Transnational Perspective on Japanese Environmental ActivismConference: Activism in Contemporary Japan: New Ideas, Players, and Arenas? University of Zurich, Switzerland, 5-7 November, 2015

Translocal Sentiment and Japanese Environmental Activism in East Asia Conference: Grassroots Regionalization and the Frontiers of the Humanities in East Asia: Korea as a Hub, Korea Institute, Australian National University, 9-10 March, 2015

Japanese Civil Society and Transnational Environmental Activism in East AsiaConference: Civil Society and Borders in East Asia, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, Thailand, 12-13 November, 2014

Disaster, Media, and Civil Society: Visions of Citizenship in Japan, Conference: Catastrophes, Digital Public Spheres, and the Future of Democracy7th Annual Conference of the Rewriting Modern and Contemporary Japanese Intellectual History Project, Friedrich-Alexander Universitat, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, 11-13 September, 2014

NGOs and the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake of 1995: Historical RamificationsConference: Japanese Responses to Social Crisis & disaster 1995 and 2011, New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland, 13-14 September, 2013

Beyond Mimesis: Japan and the Uses of Political Ideology in SingaporeConference: East Asian Images of Japan, Kyushu University, 6-7 September, 2013

Challenging the Boundaries of Citizenship: Transnational Activism in Contemporary Japan, Workshop: Measuring the Immeasurable: Social Movements and Changes in the Conceptual Understandings and Practices of Citizenship – A Multidisciplinary Workshop, Open University of Israel, Israel, 29 July – 1 August 2013

Learning From Disaster: Civil Society, the State, and Volunteering in Japan 1995-2011Seminar-Workshop: Learning from the Recent Past: The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, Northumbria University Centre for Disaster and Environment, March 28, 2013.

Seminar: From Kobe to Tohoku: Civic Responses to Disasters in Japan, Japan Foundation, London, March 29, 2013.

The Evolution of Disaster Volunteering in Japan: From Kobe to Tohoku, Global Sharing of Disaster and Reconstruction Experiences Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, September 2012

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Experts and Environmental Knowledge in 1960s and 1970s Japan, Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, April 17, 2012

What is Asia for Us and Can We Be Asians? The New Asianism in Contemporary Japan, Regionalisms and East Asia / Critical Perspectives on Regionalism, Duke University, NC, USA, March 12-13, 2012.

Japan’s Long Environmental Sixties, Australian National University Graduate Summer School in Japanese Studies, Canberra, Australia, Jan 31-Feb 2, 2012.